How Optemail works

Optemail scans for emails with attachments and optimizes the attachments, before they get to the email server.  The Optemail process runs as a service on a Windows gateway server(2008 R2, or later) on your network placed in line before your mail server. This allows the gateway service to be configured for outbound, inbound and internal mail.*

Optemail extracts supported attachments out of each email and optimizes each using the NXPowerLite file reduction engine.  Files typically include hidden and additional data not required for viewing the content and the file reduction process removes this excess data from each attachment. The result is that files look and feel the same as originals and remain in the same format.

Optemail then reassembles the message including the optimized version of the file and then sends the smaller email to your email server. This process occurs in seconds and works seamlessly and transparently with any SMTP based email system. Email attachment sizes are reduced by an average of 35-50%. 

Optemail works with Microsoft Office, PDF’s, JPEG and TIFF files and optionally on some video files.

* Internal mail setup requires an assisted configuration requires and Microsoft Exchange mail server.

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