Optemail system requirements

Optemail is a software-only solution and it requires a dedicated virtual or physical server provided by the user. Minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Windows 2008R2-2012R2 installation.
  • 4gb + min RAM
  • 4+ virtual cores
  • 60+ GB HDD space
  • 1 NIC w/ 1 static IP address
  • Minimum of 20 users (for non-hosted version)
  • Basic smart hosting (mail forwarding) knowledge
  • .NET Framework V4.5 or above
  • Administrative access to your firewall and mail server to make the necessary smart host changes.

To enable configuration of the software, please note the following:

  • Administrator Privileges are necessary for installation
  • During installation, Optemail will automatically enable several pieces of software, including Windows SMTP, and should not require you to manually install any 3rd party software

Optemail Server Installation

Optemail is intended to be a dedicated virtual or physical device, any other configuration is unsupported. The installation process is fully automated, but may take several minutes, depending on system specs. 

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