How to upgrade to SDK 7

Installing the upgrade

To upgrade from a previous major revision to Version 7.0.x NXPowerLite SDK, you need to replace the entire SDK that you have installed. To do this:

  • Stop any system that is utilising the NXPowerLite SDK
  • Check in Task Manager for Optimizer.exe processes and terminate any that are running
  • Delete the contents of the existing NXPowerLite SDK location on your system
  • Unzip the v7.0.3 distribution and copy into the location, or another location of your choosing
  • Ensure client code has been changed to fix any breaking changes (see below for details)

Breaking changes

In the new version of the SDK some breaking changes have become necessary. These are summarised as follows:

Changes in semantics
Renaming of existing properties
Removal of the generic properties

Renaming has become necessary to keep naming internally consistent. We have decided to remove the generic properties for the following reasons:

in some cases the generic property only affected one file type
the grouping of changes for one property across all file types was considered to be an artificial grouping as, for example, it disregarded the type of data being optimized (this is at odds with our other products)

Changes in semantics

The property


has been renamed and now means the opposite to its previous meaning. Its new name is


If your code already sets PreserveJPEGMetadataJPEG to ‘false’, then, to keep the code working in the same way, you should set the newly-named property to ‘true’ e.g.

optimizer.PreserveJPEGMetadataJPEG = false;


optimizer.AllowRemoveMetadataJPEG = true;

Renaming of existing properties

The following table shows which properties have been renamed:

Old property name New property name
 AllowJPEGOptOffice  AllowJPEGConversionOffice
 AllowJPEGOptPDF  AllowJPEGConversionPDF
 DeletePrivateAppDataPDF  AllowRemoveHiddenContentPDF
 FlattenEmbeddedObjectsOffice  AllowRemoveHiddenContentOffice
 PreserveJPEGMetadataJPEG  AllowRemoveMetadataJPEG
 TargetHeightOffice  TargetScreenHeightPowerPoint
 TargetWidthOffice  TargetScreenWidthPowerPoint

* IMPORTANT: the meaning of this property has changed. See ‘Changes in semantics’ above.

Removal of generic properties

The generic properties have been removed from the SDK. This means that any code that uses generic properties will need to be replaced with calls to their associated file type specific properties.

The table below indicates how these properties should be replaced in your code to ensure that it compiles and works in the same way:

Generic propertyReplacement code
 AllowCropping  AllowCroppingOffice
 AllowJPEGOpt  AllowJPEGConversionOffice
 AllowResizing  AllowResizingOffice
 DeletePrivateAppData  AllowRemoveHiddenContentPDF
 DotsPerInch  DotsPerInchOffice
 FlattenEmbeddedObjects  AllowRemoveHiddenContentOffice
 LongestDimension  LongestDimensionJPEG
 PreserveJPEGMetadata  AllowRemoveMetadataJPEG
 TargetHeight  TargetScreenHeightPowerPoint
 TargetWidth  TargetScreenWidthPowerPoint

* IMPORTANT: the meaning of this property has changed. See ‘Changes in semantics’ above.

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