Release history - NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange

7.1.14 (9th November 2017 | Engine r13710)


PDF Reduction improvements

  • Added support for ASCII encoded PDFs
  • Added the ability to strip out some types of PDF marked content
  • Allow images with inverted default decode arrays
  • Added support for double filtered images

Support for files created with Office 2016

Multiple improvements to improve NXPowerLite’s robustness.

Multiple UI and report improvements.

Multiple bug fixes

1.2.4 (1st March 2016 | Engine r12191)
NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange can now read the metadata from NXPowerLite Desktop v7 onwards
Multiple bug fixes

1.2.2 (28 January 2016 | Engine r11350)

Bugfix release

1.2.1 (17 June 2015 | Engine r11350)

Minor improvement and bugfix release

1.2.0 (08 June 2015 | Engine r11210)

To ensure better connection experience to Exchange servers a new Connection Wizard has been implemented
NXPowerLite is now able to process emails in the 'Sent items' folder
NXPowerLite now works on Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1
Minor report improvements
Improved logging information
Multiple bug fixes

1.1.1 (26 March 2015 | Engine r10656)

Bugfix release

NXPowerLite Exchange Scan Only 1.0.4 (11 December 2014 | Engine r10222)

Added more clear default text for the username field in the connection dialog.
NXPowerLite Exchange Scan v1.0.3 (16 October 2014)
Internal restructuring
Made scanner more robust and added more logging.
Multiple bug fixes

NXPowerLite Exchange Scan Only 1.0.2 (03 October 2014 | Engine r10222)

More logging of exceptions and more robust to keep scanning when exceptions occur. Removed logging of a few errors that were not actually errors (e.g. if no archive exists for a mailbox).
Added app version to log
Changes to licensing
Significant internal scanning code restructuring
Report improvements

NXPowerLite Exchange Scan Only 1.0.1 (23 September 2014 | Engine r10222)
Introduced a feature to highlight issues with impersonation of the user configured at the 'Connect' dialog. Now a warning will appear if any of the mailboxes cannot be access due to impersonation issues at connection time. If all users cannot be accessed then the connection will fail.
Multiple bug fixes

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