What does NXPowerLite do to embedded documents and charts within Microsoft Office files?

NXPowerLite can flatten embedded documents and charts in certain circumstances. Below we outline the scope of the current behaviour and future development plans. 

Embedded documents
NXPowerLite v7.x will only flatten embedded documents in Office binary formats (.DOC, .PPT, .XLS). Office XML files (.DOCX, .PPTX or .XLSX)  embedded within other Office XML files will be optimized but not flattened.
We think it will be possible to add the ability for NXPowerLite to flatten (to a picture representation) files within XML files to make it more consistent. We plan to do add this feature in a future release. Contact us if you would like to see this feature added soon.

Embedded charts
NXPowerLite v7.x can only flatten charts to a picture representation inside binary files or charts made with XLS files inside XML documents.
Embedded charts inside XML documents made from XLSX files cannot easily be flattened to a picture representation by NXPowerLite. It is unlikely that we will be able to improve NXPowerLite's features to include this behaviour, however please see the work-around below.

Work-around for flattening embedded charts

A manual work-around is possible by following these steps:

Inserting new charts:
Create the chart inside Excel
Copy the chart
Inside the destination document, paste in the chart by using the 'Picture' option in the paste menu 

For existing embedded charts:
Select the chart
Right click and select 'Cut'
Right-click and select the 'Picture' option in the paste menu

In both cases an image will replace the chart and embedded data.

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