Getting started with NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange

* This article assumes that you have purchased a license and registered NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange.

To start using NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange:

  • Start the Dashboard and enter the registration key that was supplied when you purchased the software. If you do not have a registration key, please contact your software vendor.
  • Using the Connect dialog, configure NXPowerLite to connect to your Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Click the Find Mailboxes button to initialize the optimization run.
  • Either click the Start button to begin optimizing immediately, set a schedule or start using the Service Control Manager.

Note: The Find Mailboxes button generates a list of existing user mailboxes to process. Any mailboxes added after this time will not be processed. If you wish to add further mailboxes during the course of a run, you will need to stop the run (see below), and start a fresh run with the new mailboxes included in the Find Mailboxes scan.

Pausing a run

Regardless of how you started the run, the run can be paused by stopping the service. This can be done in the following ways:

  • From the Pause button in the NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange Dashboard.
  • By stopping the service using the Windows Service Control Manager.
  • Regardless of which way you pause the service, you can resume either from the Dashboard or via the Service Control Manager.

Note: Stopping the service from the Service Control Manager pauses the run; it will resume next time the service is started.

Completing a run

A run is only complete (and report generated) when NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange finishes optimizing all the mailboxes identified when the Find Mailboxes button was clicked. To stop a run manually, use the Stop button in the NXPowerLite Exchange Dashboard.

Note: If the computer running NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange is restarted during optimization, the optimizer will pause and will not restart until either it is scheduled to do so, or the service is manually restarted from the Service Control Manager or the NXPowerLite Exchange Dashboard.

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