Configuring the connection to the Microsoft Exchange server

In order to process or scan files, NXPowerLite needs access to the Exchange server. This dialog allows users to configure access.


Enter the EWS (Exchange Web Services) URL of the Microsoft Exchange server, for example

For help with finding the EWS URL, see "Determining the Exchange Web Services (EWS) URL".

Domain controller name / IP address

Enter the name or IP address of an Active Directory domain controller for the domain to which your Exchange mail users belong.

Connect as

The email address and password of the user set up with impersonation rights.


Note: NXPowerLite assumes that the credentials will be valid for both the Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory Servers.

Connection checks

Once you click OK, NXPowerLite checks that:

  1. It is possible to log into both the Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory servers with the supplied credentials.
  2. The configured user account can impersonate users who have mailboxes in the Microsoft Exchange server.
  3. (Not in scanner)The NXPowerlite Exchange Optimizer service is running under the same user account as the Dashboard, in order that we can securely store your credentials.
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