Step 2: Check the demo software works with your systems

Evaluation mode

The software ships locked in evaluation mode. In this mode, it will not replace files but will otherwise work as it does when it is purchased so all of the features can be tested.



1. Run a Quick Scan

See how effective NXPowerLite could be by running a read-only scan of your data. It will produce a report in minutes detailing how much space can be saved.

2. Configure the Windows Service

Configure the underlying Windows service with an account that has access to all of the folders that NXPowerLite will process. 

3. Add folders/drives for NXPowerLite to process

Add folders, mapped drives or via UNC paths.  By default, NXPowerLite will recursively scan each folder, but it is possible to set rules to exclude specific sub-folders or file types within each folder.

4. Choose File types and optimizations settings

Create and apply profiles for global use or configure on specific folders. Decide to skip specific file types entirely or based on their last modified date. Tweak the Optimization settings to your specific needs.

5. Schedule

Use the in-built schedule profile builder so the software runs when you want it to. NXPowerLite is also compatible with Windows task scheduler so it is easy to interact with other system events.

6. Evaluate your files

NXPowerLite will scan each folder and build a list of candidate files, according to the rules and configuration applied. In evaluation mode, it will then optimize each file to a temporary folder and record the reduction. It will not overwrite any files but will produce a detailed report. 

 We recommend running on a sample set of data up to 100GB in size. Running across all your data can be very time-consuming.

7.  Review report

When NXPowerLite has passed over the configured data it will produce a detailed report of what it was able to reduce. This includes a breakdown by file-type and also information on reasons why files may not have been processed. 

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