Evaluating NXPowerLite technology using NXPowerLite Desktop

This article explains our recommended method best to evaluate NXPowerLite file reduction technology and become comfortable with the files that have been processed. 

Gather sample files

Sample files should be typical files used by users; we recommend working with users who regularly produce a lot of files. Files from each of the file types shown in the image above would also be an advantage.

Test the sample files using NXPowerLite Desktop

Follow these steps to test the software

  • Download and install NXPowerLite Desktop, it is free for 14 days. 
  • Open the application from the Desktop short-cut and drag your sample file(s) onto the main application window.
  • Now hit the 'Optimize' button to reduce the files with the standard settings.
  • Review the reduction in file size of each file and ensure you are happy with the results.*
  • Review the quality of the processed file by opening both the original document and the processed document side-by-side. Ensure you are happy that the content looks the same.

* Note: NXPowerLite's performance varies depending on the content of each file. For more information please see How much smaller will my files get?

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