Troubleshooting problems with NXPowerLite Scanner for Microsoft Exchange

If you experience trouble with the NXPowerLite Scanner for Microsoft Exchange, please follow these verification steps:

Downloading and running the software

Ensure the contents of the downloaded Zip file have been fully extracted.

Ensure that the Windows user running the software has full access to the NXPowerLite Scanner for Microsoft Exchange extracted folder. This may not be the case if the Zip file was extracted to a subfolder of "Program Files", for example. We recommend placing the extracted folder on the Desktop.

Configuring the EWS/Exchange user account

Verify the details entered into the 'Connection' dialog.

Ensure that the specified user has impersonation rights for each of the mailboxes. See the article 'Setting up a Microsoft Exchange user account for impersonation' for more details.

Log files

NXPowerLite produces log files which include details of any errors that occur while scanning. If you experience an issue that is not explained within the software, check the log files. The log files are located in a 'logs' folder in the NXPowerLite extracted folder.

Please share these files with us so that we can assist you with the troubleshooting process.

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