Getting started with NXPowerLite Scanner for Microsoft Exchange

What is the NXPowerLite Scanner for Microsoft Exchange?

The scanner will build a picture of all attachments on your Exchange server and the detailed report will estimate the impact of NXPowerLite file reduction technology. It is a read-only process, so the safety and integrity of files is never compromised.

Once you have run the scan, please get back in touch to discuss your report, answer any questions and agree next steps.

To get started:

  • Sign up and download the NXPowerLite Scanner for Microsoft Exchange.
  • Copy the downloaded file to a local drive (e.g. your desktop).
  • Extract contents of downloaded Zip file.
  • Double-click 'NXPowerLite Exchange Scan.exe' file in extracted folder to start the application.
  • Connect with your Exchange server.
  • Hit 'Scan' to start scanning.
  • When complete, review the report.
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