Can I replace my original file or do I have to create optimized copies?

By default, NXPowerLite will create copies of original files in the same folder. 

It is possible to change the default Save setting by clicking on the dropdown control to switch between the three different settings:

  • Create optimized copy (Default)
  • Back up and replace original
  • Replace original


Create optimized copy

A new optimized file will be created in the configured folder and the copy of the original file will have (NXPowerLite Copy) appended to the name of the file. The original file will be untouched.

Backup and replace original

The original file will be deleted and replaced with a smaller version. The original file will be renamed as a backup and placed in the configured folder. The backup file will have (NXPowerLite Backup) appended to the name of the file.

Replace original

NXPowerLite will replace the original file without any backup. This is a one-way process and cannot be reversed, so NXPowerLite will warn you before completing the process.

Create Copy / Back up in

It is possible to select the folder where copies or backups are stored. Use the Create backup in / Create copy in dropdown control to select either the same folder or a specific folder path.


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