I'm an existing customer with a new PC. How can I set up NXPowerLite on it?

A single NXPowerLite Desktop Edition license only entitles you to use the software on one PC, but if you remove NXPowerLite from your old PC, you are entitled to use it on your new one. Simply download and install the latest version (if you were using NXPowerLite 1-6, please download the appropriate version from below or upgrade to the latest version).

To register the software, press the 'Enter Code' button in NXPowerLite's 'About' box (or select 'Enter Code' from the 'Help' menu). Then enter your registration code in the window that appears.

NMCI approved version is v6.2.12, which can be downloaded here:

DADMS approved version is v6.1.2, which can be downloaded here:

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