Can I use NXPowerLite with Mac OS X Finder?

Yes. The option to install NXPowerLite's Finder integration is enabled during installation of the software and it is enabled by default. The following options will become available when you right-click (or command-click) on a PDF, PowerPoint, JPEG or Word file: 



Add to NXPowerLite
Opens NXPowerLite main screen and adds the file(s) ready for optimizing. If NXPowerLite is already open the file(s) will be added to the list.

Optimize and email
Will optimize the file(s) immediately and attach them to a new email message in the default email client.

Will optimize the file (s) immediately; either replacing the original file or creating a copy in the same folder, depending on the selection you choose in the Optimize sub-menu options as below: 

Create optimized copies
Choose this option to mimic the behavior in previous versions of NXPowerLite. Original files will be left untouched and a new optimized file will be created in the same folder as the original file.

Backup replace
Selecting this option will replace the original file with an optimized version while also creating a backup of the original file. The backup file will be placed in the same folder as the original file


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