How to optimize files with NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac)

There are two main ways to optimize files with NXPowerLite.

  1. Using the NXPowerLite application directly (covered in detail below)
  2. Using the right-click options in Finder

Optimizing files using the NXPowerLite application

Launch the application and click on the "Add files" button in the top left of the window.

This will open an add files dialog like the one below. Simply browse to the files you want to optimize, select them and click 'Add'.

Alternatively you can select and drag files from Finder onto the NXPowerLite window. Your chosen files will now be displayed in a list in the main NXPowerLite window.

Check that you are happy with

  1. the "Save profile" marked in green, which decides whether your files are replaced or if new optimized copies are created and also where those files are saved.
  2. the "Optimize profile" marked in blue - this determines how strong the optimization is. The default "Screen" setting is fine for most purposes.

When you are ready click the "Optimize" button marked orange to start NXPowerLite reducing your files.

When it has finished you will see the results screen, showing how much it has reduced your files. You can easily open or email the file(s) from here using the options in the button bar.

If a file isn't reduced for any reason the details of why will be displayed below the file name in the list.


Download NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac) Manual PDF | 125KB

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