How do I change the text added by NXPowerLite Desktop to my file names?

File Naming Options

When optimizing files NXPowerLite adds some text to either the backup or optimized copy file name to avoid confusion. By default backup file names have the text "(NXPowerLite Backup)" added and optimized copies have "(NXPowerLite Copy)". You can customize this text by editing the relevant textbox. It is also possible to select whether the text is added 'After' or 'Before' the existing file name, by using the drop-down.



For backups (Default)
Original File = Document.pdf

Backup file = Document (NXPowerLite Backup).pdf


For Optimized copies (Default)
Original file = Image.jpeg

Optimized file = Image (NXPowerLite Copy).jpeg


File name clashes

NXPowerLite will never overwrite files. If a file with the same name as a backup file or optimized copy already exists then NXPowerLite will append a number in brackets to the end of the file name.

For example:

Original file = Presentation.ppt

Optimized copy exists = Presentation (NXPowerLite Copy).ppt

New optimized copy of file = Presentation (NXPowerLite Copy) (2).ppt

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