Why does my run keep pausing?

In NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange v7, we have improved the handling when the securely-stored credentials used to access Microsoft Exchange have become invalid. 

If you reset your credentials on your domain controller or Microsoft Exchange server - perhaps due to a corporate password policy that forces a regular change - you will need to manually reset your credentials in NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange - until you do it will attempt to use the old credentials.

Where credentials are found to be invalid, both the NXPowerLite Scanner for Microsoft Exchange and the NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange optimiser applications will pause. Resuming the run without correcting the settings will result in the run pausing again.

You can verify that invalid credentials are responsible for the pausing behaviour by going to the latest log file - nxp.log - which will be in one of the following locations:

  • In the scanner application, a logs subdirectory contained in the application directory.
  • In the optimiser app, a logs subdirectory at %programdata%\Neuxpower\NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange v7

When inspected, the recent entries in the log will contain the following:

The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

To fix this, simply click on the Change Credentials button and enter your corrected credentials. You should then be able to resume the run without it pausing.

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