Using NXPowerLite for File Servers without the user interface

It is possible to control NXPowerLite without the use of the graphical user interface once the folders configuration has been set.

For example, this can be useful when you want to make NXPowerLite resume after a file backup software has finished so that you don't have any overlapping time.

NXPowerLite uses the windows service 'NXPowerLite for File Server' to do all of its processing. This can be controlled in the standard way by use of the standard Windows command line program, 'SC'. However 'pause' and 'continue' are the only supported commands.

For example, if you want to pause the file server enter the command or make a script that executes the following code:

sc pause "NXPowerLite File Server"

or for resuming after a pause

sc continue "NXPowerLite File Server"


This makes it possible to run a script via Windows task scheduler if necessary.


 Please note: If a schedule has been set within the user interface then the software may not resume immediately after a 'continue' command is received. The configured schedule will always be respected so if it is on a scheduled break it will not resume until the next scheduled resume time. 

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