NXPowerLite Desktop settings to replicate the server software settings

NXPowerLite for File Servers uses less aggressive settings than NXPowerLite Desktop software. So in order to test the file reduction with the Desktop software it is necessary to change the settings in the Desktop software to mimic those of the server software. To do this a custom profile needs to be configured. Here's two ways to achieve that:

Automatically change settings with a registry key

  1. Ensure NXPowerLite Desktop has been downloaded and installed
  2. Download the following zip file: NXPowerLite-FileServer-Settings.zip
  3. Extract downloaded zip file
  4. Double-click on x86_fs_settings.reg file found in the extracted folder
  5. Accept the Windows warning about changing the registry

Manually change settings with a custom profile

  1. Download and install NXPowerLite Desktop if you haven't already
  2. Open the application from the desktop shortcut
  3. Click the Settings... button and change the Optimize Profile: from Screen to Custom
  4. Set the custom profile with the settings described in the image below:Mimic_server_settings_Desktop.PNG




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